Pest Control In Clarkesville TN

Pest control in Clarkesville, TNĀ is unfortunately a necessity because of the bug-rich environments in the southeast. Common problem pest include termites, ants, wasps and hornets, yellow jackets, mosquitos, and more contatct a pest control expert in Clarkesville, TN today. From early spring through the summer months into fall, these types of pest – if not controlled – can cause frustration, stings, and in some cases like with termites, a significant amount of money and resources. There are lots of ways to tackle the pest control problem in Clarkesville, TN and two ways, in particular, are showing great results.

A safer, more effective and environmentally friendly approach to pest control is a process called Integrated Pest Management. Once the pests are identified you can then determine what is causing the pest problem (i.e. what can be done besides using pesticides to eliminate the problem). Next, you can implement a plan of action, make suggestions to homeowners, and finally apply a limited amount of pesticide if necessary. Many pest problems are solved without pesticides and just taking a little time to investigate.

Exterior perimeter services are another effective way of reducing pests and were introduced a few years ago with the increasing ant populations in Clarkesville, TN. Many who are on quarterly service would commonly say “I knew it was time for our next service because we started seeing bugs”. The pest treatments begin to wear down and become ineffective with time, thus there is a need for on-going maintenance. However, you do not want to see bugs at all – even if it is time for your next service.

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